Duane started his photography career at the age of ten when his parents gave him his first camera.
At seventeen, he became the head photographer for his high school yearbook. Thirty-three years later,
he began to pursue a career in photography.

During those thirty-three years he went to college, received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
and spent many long hours programming in front of a computer. In the meantime, the photography
world moved into the digital age. Duane found that his computer skills complemented his photographic
skills, and he now spends many happy hours creating photographs on the computer instead of programs.

While his primary photographic focus is on landscape and outdoor macro photography, he does
occasionally spend time in the studio when a project of interest comes along. Duane is based in
Seattle Washington, and his photographic work reflects the beauty of the Puget Sound region.

Duane graduated from the University of Washington Extension Certificate Program in Photography in
2007. He was a featured artist in the “Can You Picture It?” exhibit at the University of Washington
Medical Center in Seattle Washington in 2007. Also in 2007, his work was displayed at the Shoreline
Art Festival in Shoreline Washington.

Duane Johnson